Management programs

By means of the management programs, Adria Ship leases your boat for you, thus guaranteeing an income from it for you, depending upon the management program you will choose. In this way, you will be able to amortize the costs of your boat, recovering up to 70% of the purchase value of the new boat. You can learn about our offers below, or you can propose a program to us by filling in the form.

You can get discounts up to 70% by means of the programs we offer to you. Purchase your new boat!

Guaranteed income

  • Boat payment 100%
  • Holiday package not included
  • Income 10% per year on the boat value
  • Boat expenses none
  • Duration 5 years

Open Management

  • Boat payment 100%
  • Holiday package not included
  • Income Up to 70% of the proceeds from the leases
  • Boat expenses to be charged
  • Duration unlimited

Amortize the purchase cost and delegate the management

This is actually a form of investment, allowing the Owner to amortize the cost of purchase of the boat by delegating the ordinary and extraordinary management of the boat to a charter company (Barcando Charter) and enjoying the boat for up to six months a year (November to March) and up to 3/6 weeks in the summer season. Barcando Charter will take the boat in its fleet and it will charter it to its customers for a preset time during the year. It will also take care of all the expenses for the ordinary and extraordinary maintenance, as well as those for administrative procedures and other bureaucracy costs.

On the other hand, the Owner will be able to use his boat in the periods mentioned above, while amortizing the costs of its purchase and maintenance. This sailing boat management model is flexible, too. For instance, you can request a boat similar to the one you purchased, and start with it from one of the other charter bases in the Barcando Charter network. Thus, with a charter from another port than the one where your own boat is, you will have a chance of sailing in different places, too. It is also possible to request a larger boat, by paying a small additional price.

These management formulas are an interesting investment as you can perceive a rent as a percentage of the value of the boat, and the rent is guaranteed even if the boat should not be chartered.

Adria Ship is willing to assess specific management programs, tailored for your own requirements

Additionally, Adria Ship gives you the chance, for every management program, to start from a different base, and therefore to use and test other boats over 3/5 years. At the end of the program, you can choose to keep the boat, to sell it, or to carry on one of the programs with a new model.

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