A true marketplace that brings you,
after just a few clicks,
to what you are looking for,
either for you or for your boat,
or with the right idea,
maybe the one you couldn't
come up with, for
an original and useful gift.

our online

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You can find anything your fantasy can imagine as to the world of boating in our online shop

You can pay in complete security by credit card, Paypal, bank money transfer or upon delivery. If you want to be update as to offers and new products arriving, you only have to subscribe, in order to receive our alerts by e-mail.

Our online shop is organized by category,
so that searching is easy.
Once inside, you can sail along
a definite course, and find
in a few seconds what you
are looking for: accessories for
your boat, equipment, a very technical
waterproof garment or the
simplest T-shirt.
And more, such as a book
or a cleaning agent,
a fender or a hull
treatment product.